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Tackling the misinformed client and winning them over.   So, I find myself sat here after listening to a piece on LBC recently as I am now ‘of age’. The article was explaining why there has been a surge in measles in the USA (300 cases in January 2019 alone) and why it is of such a concern. Partly to blame is social media allowing a lay person to convince other lay people not to vaccinate their children with MMR due to the link with autism (cheers Dr Mr Wakefield). Unfortunately there is an international cohort who believe that vaccines...

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If you are new to practice, here is a rundown of what the Christmas Cull is where you will find an increased number of people coming in for a put to sleep in the few weeks prior to Christmas and there are a few theories as to what is going on, I would say that they are all correct.

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Whilst you’re behind the scenes, do you know what is happening on the front stage?

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