From the Planter to the Carpet: Toxic Plants

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For curious dogs or cats, it's difficult to resist the allure of plants. While many plants are simple gastrointestinal irritants, some have the potential to cause life-threatening toxicosis so it is helpful for clinicians to be familiar with common plants of concern. Plants that are discussed in this lecture include common backyard and house plants such as philodendrons, poinsettias, lilies (Lilium spp. and Hemerocallis spp.), foxglove, oleander, Lily of the Valley, kalanchoes, rhododendrons and azaleas, cycad/sago palms, spring bulbs (tulip, daffodil, etc.), and more!


Ahna Brutlag

Support and Resource

Recorded at the NAVC Conference 2013.

This module contains a video recording of the lecture and a range of self-assessment questions leading to a printable certificate.

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