The Forensic Process for Vet Nurses

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The Forensic Process is the first and only CPD veterinary forensic course designed specifically for Veterinary Nurses.

With the changes in animal welfare legislation, it is essential that veterinary staff are properly prepared to assist in animal abuse and welfare cases.

During this course, you will be guided through Court-compliant procedures, using actual case examples, supported by downloadable templates to create your own forensic casefile. With practical advice covering all aspects of case management, from documenting clinical examinations, evidence recovery and photography, to identifying and handling cases of non-accidental injury, the Forensic Process is a practical and informative resource, recommended for Vet Nurses in all types of practice.

The course covers the following modules:

  • Welfare Concerns
  • Forensic Examination
  • Suffering and Seizure
  • Forensic Disciplines
  • Scene Examination
  • In-Practice Concerns
  • External Referrals
  • Assessing Findings

    CPD Hours

    8 hours