Laryngeal Disorders in the Dog

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Hosted and presented by Professor Dick White of Dick White Referrals, this course includes a comprehensive overview and the most vivid imagery ever assembled to educate you on larynx anatomy and functions, and includes conditions such as laryngeal paralysis, collapse, trauma and neoplasia. This module covers the practical aspects, immediately applicable in your practice, including clinical signs, diagnosis, medical, and surgical options.  The module illustrates procedures with 3D animations and traditional videos.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the functional anatomy of the larynx
  • Diagnose and differentiate the different laryngeal disorders of the dog
  • Manage these various conditions, medically as well as surgically
  • Perform the "tie-back procedure" successfully used by Professor Dick White
  • Communicate with your clients about these conditions and their management

Support and Resource

This continuing education module contains:

  • Step by step approach of each component of the larynx, essentially using 3D animations videos and case presentations for a complete and easy understanding of the laryngeal disorders
  • An easy interface to each portion of the table of content allowing quick and intuitive review of each portion of the course with no need to listen to entire portions of lectures to reach the answer to your questions
  • A range of self-assessment questions
  • A personalised, printable certificate of completion

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