The Aquarium Vet: Modules 1-4 Package

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Learning Objectives

Module One - Fish Anatomy and Physiology

To understand how fish survive in an aquatic environment is critical to maintaining their health and wellbeing. Normal anatomy is critical for diagnostics and post-mortems (Module 2). Fish welfare. Safe handling of fish.

Module Two - Disease Concepts and Diagnostics

What factors trigger disease? Stress. Immune system. Diagnostic sample collection and examination. Sedation / anaesthesia; euthanasia; correct post-mortem technique and sample collection; quarantine and biosecurity; disinfection processes; zoonoses.                         

Module Three - Water Chemistry and Quality

Water Quality is essential for successful fish keeping. The nitrogen and carbon cycles; all water quality parameters (both freshwater and marine); water testing. Record keeping. Fish transport.

Module Four -  Life Support Systems   

Life Support Systems are the foundation of excellent water quality. Various types of filtration; ozone; UV; practical hydrology. How to maintain the optimum water chemistry and quality for the fish you are keeping